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    "There are only two rules to make money in stock market.

    Rule no 1. Never lose money. Rule no 2. Never forget rule no 1." Warren Buffet

    Giving advice is not just giving tips.

    Its an entire process of stock selection, being discliplined with your investments and understanding your financial needs.

    With more than 20 years of experience, we help our clients gain with our expertise and knowledge.

    "How many millionaires do you know who have become wealthy by investing in savings account?

    Equity is undoubtedly the best option to generate higher returns than any other asset class. Identifying and investing in good scripts is the key for superior growth.

    Equity Advantage at Oswal Shares And Securities Ltd :

    • Quick and Easy Account Opening
    • Real time Monitoring
    • Solid Advice
    • World Class Customer Service

    We all trade in equity in anticipation of higher returns. But the market movements may lead to a rise as well as fall in the price.

    Stock market offers a way out in form of Derivatives.

    Derivatives are wonderful investment avenue which gives you the flexibility and liquidity of equity investment and at the same time allows you to secure yourself against probable downside market movements in future.

    Investing in derivatives enables you to leverage your current position and hedge the risk by safeguarding yourself against potential losses that unfavorable market movements may bring in future.

    With the changing dynamics and increasing volatility of exchange rates across the globe, companies exposed to currency risk face the challenge of maintaining continued profit margins.

    Currency Derivatives would be one of the best options to manage any related exchange rate risk and be free from the worries of market uncertainties.

    We provide customized hedging strategies for importers, exporters and companies with foreign exchange exposure.

    We offer forex advisory and brokerage service for the Indian currency derivative market

    Offering a wide platform with membership of CDSL, we provide a medium for settlement of dematerialized shares.

    A professionally managed team and the latest technological expertise have been allocated exclusively to our demat account division

    Under depository participant services, we mainly offer demat account services.

    You don’t need to be the expert of equity market to invest like a pro. As they say, do the things you know best, and leave the rest to experts.

    If equity interests you but you think you don’t have enough spare money to invest, then let mutual funds solve your problem. Mutual Fund is a pool of small investments made by multiple investors in a particular plan to achieve a common financial goal. It is a professionally and skillfully managed investment avenue wherein a mutual fund plan invests the collected funds in various equities and other investment instruments based on its research, expertise and experience.

    The mutual funds work with an objective of generating maximum returns out of the investment to pass on the same to the investors.

    Why invest in Mutual Funds:

    • Low risk due to portfolio diversification as mutual funds invest money across industries
    • Professional and skillful management by experienced investment experts – the fund managers
    • Transparency as mutual funds are registered with SEBI
    • Flexibility and wide variety of schemes offered by fund houses to cater to varying investment needs and financial goals of big as well as small investors. One can invest money ranging from as small amount as Rs. 100 a month to a million.

    Oswal Shares And Securities Ltd offers a wide range of mutual fund investment plans to its clients through its strong and reliable network of affiliates.

    *Through Affiliates

    Direct equity investors are often seen disappointed with the performance of their portfolios, as human emotions of greed and fear makes them commit errors.

    Also, all equity investments require regular monitoring for cleaning up holdings that become junk with time, hence it is a time-consuming activity.

    All these reasons and more, make ‘Portfolio Management Services’ more suitable for the HNIs.